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Sunday, August 15, 2004
Road for the Heroes/Buddhist Palm Strikes Back

Watched some more tvb series, both with Alvina Kong in it.  One's she paired up w/Roger Kwok...

In Road for the Heroes, alvina was raised by an adopted father who told her she was a boy either cuz he didnt kno how to explain to her why roger and her were different when they were small or maybe cuz he wanted to hide her identity...i didnt pay attention to the details that much.
The other series she paired up with Eddie kwan in Buddhist Palm Strikes Back.. At first she was a girl who dressed up like a boy and thats when Eddie met her and they fell in love..this series is better of the two and its pretty funny

These are pretty old movies but still great ones.

Posted at 10:39 am by Liltpg3rl85
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Saturday, July 31, 2004
Zu Mountain Saga
YESH!! i immediately finished this once i got it..Great storyline, but korny digital effects..har har har..but ill watch anything with NN or ekin in it.. After seeing it i cant stop thinking about ekins puppy eyes when he begged this old lady to cure NN and turn her back into a human after being transformed into a peacock...Kewt (^-^).. NN was stronger than him in most of the series..the only part where hes stronger is when he got evil tell the truth i liked it when he was evil..cuz he was more handsome, kewler, and even when hes evil, he STILL didnt have the hearts to kill her...awws..but i also liked him after that..haha....and the ending was sad but in a way a bit awkward..but its still a keeper!    

Posted at 04:43 pm by Liltpg3rl85
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